Hair care


Micro ring hair extensions with silicone

Hair extensions is one of the latest methods in  hair extensions industry. This is a technique that is recognized as being less damaging to natuel hair. It allows the hair to continue to grow with good habit weekly maintenance (Shamponig mask, conditioner, serum etc. ..). It requires the same treatment as the natural hair. Like any type of extension, this type of installation also requires a rest every two to three months to do harm to the health of your own hair. The duration of the exposure is 1:30 to 2:00. Installation must be done between 2-3 months depending on the thickness and smoothness of hair.


Keratin hair extension with italian glue

keratin hair extension remains the best known and most popular technique despite the adverse effects of long-term glue on the hair. We also offer this installation technique but take care to properly inform and give advice to clients who required wish to have this technique. Laying the keratin lasts approximately two (2) hours. It is not advisable to repeat the application of this technique more than 3 times a year because of problems that can cause fall due to the application of the adhesive directly into the scalp cook.



Adhesive tape hair extension

hair extensions with tape or adhesive tape is also one of the last born in the field of hair extensions. It is faster. It is simply to pass the hair between two adhesive strips that hold the hair with a ribbon of glue. We use professional glue strips to prevent breakage when removing hair extensions. the duration of the exposure is between 30 to 45 minutes. The re installation  should be between 2-3 months to keep your natural hair healthy. Kept too long a period of time, the extension eventually drag her even considering the fact that holding hair is weaker than the poses Keratin or micro rings.



Weft hair extension

Weft Hair extensions is the oldest of all technical installation extension. This technique originated in Africa there are more than fifty years we were children or weaves and braids. It is now known in the West for more than a twenty years. It is also the most popular among people of black race. We offer this technique for all hair types. Installation takes about 1h30 to 2h00. It is recommended to pause for a few weeks between each exposure given the pressure that this technique can put on the scalp in long term.



Rallonges à clip

Clip in hair extensions is also very pupulaire and ideal for people who do not want extensions so permanete and likes to change color and length on a regular basis. Our extensions clip already include Common clips for your convenience. Installation is quick and easy and can be done by the client itself. We also offer free support for our show you how to pose yourself at home. With good care, our extensions clip can be stored on average 2 ea 3 years and we let you purchase a maintenance guide to help keep them as long as possible.







Loop Brush pour hair extension

Loop brush is ideal for brushing her hair in the function without risk of losing hair and extensions. It also allows entrelasser hair to give a natural effect and make disappear the effect of demarcation in extensions.



Miracle serum for hair extension

Our clients call it the miracle oil Fatou! The serum is non-greasy dry oil that contains vitamins and proteins allows customers to keep their hair extensions for 1 year and more! bottle can last from 4 to 6 months because of small drops only 2 per day. It also promotes the regrowth of natural hair! try it is to adopt it! We love our oil!



moisturizing mask for hair extension

Our moisturizing mask helps nourish the hair extensions and natural hair thoroughly. It gives hair auc all the nutrients destroyed by staining, discoloration and chemical treatments administered hair or hair extensions. Clients love it!


Nourishing Hydrating Shampoo for hair extension

Our shampoo is filled with protéimes, vitamins and natural extracts of argan and shea. It cleans hair all impuretées. It keeps hair soft and protects against breakage of hair due to the repeated use of the flat iron.


Moisturizing and nourishing conditioner

Our conditioner as well as shampoo and is very nourishing ingredients for natural hair and hair extensions. It keeps the hair hydrated and reduces the risk of hair loss.




Care service for hair extension

We offer a service extensions every 2 to 3 months service after the installation. What is maintenance? to keep hair healthy and sustainable extensions, we do a new installation with the same hair every 2 to 3 months to our customers. It réutise the same hair, we add others if the client wishes to change color or increase its thickness. We take out all the micro ring and we replace by new rings. If this is sewn extensions, braids were defeated and were completely redone new! the client is very happy and come back again later only 3 months for the next care service!



Hair extensions installation

We are able to provide installtion for all king of hair extensions by laying techniques for nearly 40 years! We technique ball sewn to keratin, braids, weaves or transplants, ticouri etc .... We do not charge by the number of packs of hair but unlimited hair with a fixed price. This is unheard of for hair quality. So you no longer have to worry for the thickness of hair. You put the amount of hair wanted for a fixed price.


Complementary services : Dyeing; fading; cutting; etc ...